Pure Hypnoanalysis.The most successful form of therapy available – Fast, Effective, Empowering.

The are two main types of hypnotherapy practised by IAEPH therapists:

1. Suggestion Therapy (sometimes called ‘Clinical Hypnosis’),

2. ‘Pure Hypnoanalysis’ (a unique therapy practised by the IAEPH)

 It is closer to daydreaming than sleep, because the subject remains alert all the time and it can be compared to the feeling of immersion in an absorbing book or film.

Pure Hypnoanalysis ( Free Association )  is a process which aims to get to the root of issues and release them. It does not rely on putting a suggestion into the mind but getting into what is holding an individual back.

Pure Hypnoanalysis is taught and practised by the IAEPH and has been in a constant state of development since 1974.

Pure Hypnoanalysis often has an everlasting effect that changes the outlook of an individual.

Suggestion Therapy is ‘normal’ hypnotherapy. When you hear the term ‘hypnotherapy’ used in the media, they  are most often  referring to this type of therapy. You are relaxed into a lovely, calm, light hypnotic state – wide awake and fully in control and the therapist talks to you in a soothing voice putting auto suggestions into the sub-concious.

Suggestion therapy can be effective, but the results are only Temporary – hence it is particularly useful when short-term benefits are needed. Suggestion therapy is often one, or maybe two sessions.